[COLOR=rgb(0, 59, 101)]* Information about the lite
- Archive based on Windows 8.1 Pro 32bit version (which comes directly out of Uncle MS nhé)
- Set at 2.70 Gb accounting system drive (ultra lite offline)
- Ethernet / Wifi: network only supports Atheros chips, VIA, Intel and Realtek (some other kind of driver you are looking for then, I saw some drivers under Win newer machines do not support it, it is best to download drivers from sites wordbut the peace of mind you, I worked day and should not touch the sensitive few errors lead to where)
- Office: the comfort you can install from the latest 2003 and 2013 (when installed office missing font error - they showed about 90% fonts - you choose ignore done - and stay safe with any of that)
- No active tool integration
- Full support blu tut, Connect the projector
- Mwv formats, mp3, mp4 intact
- Installation: his default, not personalized, skipped stages "Hi" of MS
- I have not tested this version Game
- Is there any errors encountered, you just post pictures up, people will help[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgb(0, 59, 101)]